Are you a Social Media Killer?

Are you a Social Media Killer?

New statistics from the IAM RoadSmart survey claim that using social media while driving is one of the biggest dangers on the road today. Up to 90% of respondents said they felt that driving while using smartphones was the most significant threat to their road safety.

Combined with data from the American Automotive Association, who estimated that 16% of all fatal crashes on the road can be attributed to distracted driving, a growing proportion of which is due to social media use, this is clearly a significant trend. The AAA also found that it can take a driver around 27 seconds to refocus on the road after using phones and social media, which can prove fatal.

As if phones at the wheel wasn’t bad enough, social media is becoming increasingly integrated into cars at an alarming rate. Increasing numbers now have touch screen displays that can be fully integrated with smartphones, meaning you can have Facebook and Twitter notifications flashing up in your line of vision while you drive, in addition to incoming calls and texts, these so called ‘smart-cars’ are becoming increasingly dangerous to the safety of drivers.

Remember, be smart when you drive. Your social accounts will still be there for you when you get to where you’re going, those emails and calls can wait another 20 minutes. Don’t put yourself and others at risk for the sake of a few retweets and likes.

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