The Sad State of Facebook Cover Videos

The Sad State of Facebook Cover Videos

At the beginning of August, Facebook made the jump to roll out cover videos to all company pages across the board. This came after months of testing, with access being initially given to big brands such as Netflix, who used it to push their original shows such as Narcos & Glow. Over time, seemingly at random, Facebook gave company pages around the globe a taste of this new feature, although after a couple of days, the option would be removed.

Now that all brands are on a level playing field in terms of access, everybody who has noticed the update has been trying cover video out. However, much to the public’s annoyance, Facebook has been almost entirely quiet on the situation. No recommended size for video leaves users guessing what project dimensions would work best, and that’s without factoring in the myriad of glitches that are happening when trying to upload video.

Cover videos seemingly auto-play on certain devices and not on others, regardless of hardware settings. Some videos play within the page, some need to be externally opened before any footage will begin playing. To top it off, the videos aren’t supported on tablet devices, no matter the operating system.

This quiet release could very well be Facebook’s way of further testing the feature, despite saying it had been completed. Expect a big marketing push in the next couple of months once everything is running smoothly, and soon your pages will look prehistoric if you don’t have a video playing above your name. Although, before we get to that point, Facebook has a LOT to improve on to make the process easier for the average joe to begin creating when and how they want.

However, some companies are stepping up and providing these services to clients across the globe, such as FB Cover Videos, who were one of the first cover video agencies out there. Brands such as these, as well as ourselves, are taking the time to accurately create the cover video you specify, fitted perfectly within your pages dimensions. If you’re interested in having a professional step in and handle the creation & application process for you, you can visit our videography service page.

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