Why you need videography in 2018

Why you need videography in 2018

It’s a new year, that means a new start and new opportunities! When it comes to marketing your business you need to be constantly innovating to stay ahead of the pack, and what better way to do this than getting in on the video revolution.

A well shot, well edited, bespoke video is the perfect way to showcase your business and your services and can spell the difference between you and your competitors. Professional videos build consumer trust in your brand, demonstrating that your company is run by real people with real concerns. Whether you want to embed videos on your site or share them on social media, or both, it has to be said: custom videography is a digital marketing gamechanger.

Professional video production should be the cornerstone of any 2018 digital marketing strategy. As more and more media outlets and news organisations pivot towards video in lieu of the traditional text based content, we can expect search engines to begin to prioritise videos with increasing strength, especially seeing as Google owns Youtube (an extremely profitable product they will always want to push through the search).

Not only will video help your SEO in 2018, it will also improve interactions with your site. According to some reports videos embedded on a landing page can improve interactions up to 800%! With results like this you cant afford not to invest in video production.

At Digital Pie, we are expert videographers, creating beautiful bespoke videos to spec, all shot in stunning 4K ultra-HD and edited to perfection. Ready for you to use to boost your online presence with that next level content. Take a look at our new show reel to see exactly what we’re capable of, featuring our 2017 highlights.

If you like what you see get in contact here and let us get your good side!


  1. Video is the way forward!

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