What iOS 11 means for your Instagram

What iOS 11 means for your Instagram

Following Apple’s latest keynote event on the 12th September, social media went crazy over the company’s brand-new flagship phone – the iPhone X. Celebrating 10 years since the legendary Steve Jobs first announced the original apple mobile device back in January 2007, people had a lot to talk about – especially when shown the latest update to the phone’s operating system, iOS.
Selfie lovers rejoice – your Instagram & Snapchat game is about to get a whole lot more convenient & interesting when the new software is sitting comfortably on your phone. Here’s a quick rundown of how iOS 11 is going to help you:

Getting more for less

It’s not only the home screen or Apple Music that’s getting a shiny new upgrade – your camera will be seeing some big changes too. This latest update brings with it increased camera quality across all compatible devices, and turns the iPhone 7 Plus into a beastly mobile camera rig. Users of the larger-than-life phone can now further increase the quality of portrait mode photos using HDR, optical image stabilisation & true-tone flash – all at the same time. However, it isn’t over yet – it gets even better. Apple will be implementing a new HEIF file format for all its phones from the iPhone 7 onwards, meaning that your amazing photos take up even less space on your device (do you really need those 1037 photos of your cat?)

Bring photos to life

We’ve had live photos for a while now – but it’s nearly 2018 and nobody’s really found anything useful about them. Apple have set out to change this by introducing a set of features previously reserved to third party apps such as Boomerang. You can now loop, reverse & combine what you’ve captured straight from the Photos app, making your recorded moments much more ‘gram-friendly.

Pokémon GO – without all the walking

After seeing the success of Nintendo’s critter-capturing game last year, big names such as Facebook & Apple are keen to test out augmented reality. Think taking a selfie in your bedroom is too boring? Why not add in a live T-Rex poking his head through your window. Looking for a way to justify a third snapchat of your food within the same hour? Just add a polar bear walking across the dinner table. While it most likely won’t be perfect at launch, this feature definitely has a LOT of potential.

What feature are you most looking forward to this year? Head over to our Instagram page to find out how we’ll be taking advantage of iOS 11 in the coming months.

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