Why Your Business Needs A Facebook Cover Video

Why Your Business Needs A Facebook Cover Video

In this day and age, you’re probably familiar with Facebook Pages, and have most likely noticed that every business seems to have one. However, most brands don’t pay enough attention to see the small tweaks and changes that Facebook have been making to their company pages throughout 2017.

Back in January, the world’s largest social media network kicked into overdrive when it came to testing & launching new features, for both business purposes & individual use. The past six months alone have seen an introduction to new Messenger bots, further Instagram support, and of course the infamous Facebook stories.

However, one of the site’s newest additions seems to have gone relatively unnoticed by most companies: Facebook Cover Video.

When a customer visits your page, it’s important to show them what your business does, and why it does this better than the competition. Up until this point, a cover photo has been the only real way to display this information at first glance. However, from August 2017 onwards, this much more direct method has become available:

Facebook’s new cover videos give you access to a whole new level of audience interaction. Why show your followers a flat, unmoving image that can be easily ignored, when you can put an interesting video showcasing what you can do in front of their eyes? It’s a no brainer, and by the end of the year, we can see Facebook Cover Video becoming the norm among big name brands, with Netflix already taking advantage of the upgrade.

If you want to see this new feature in action, we’ve made sure that our clients have already begun taking advantage of this new development, such as UWC MMA & Tunnel Shark Productions. As of August 2017, Facebook has begun to roll out this feature to all business pages across the United States, meaning that everyone over here with us in the United Kingdom should be able to get in on the action themselves soon.


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