Back at the start of the year, the majority of people who paid attention to Facebook Business Pages would’ve put their money on 2017 being the year of Facebook Cover Video. What is undoubtedly one of the largest aesthetic improvements to Facebook pages over the last couple of years, Facebook did a terrible job of marketing the new features to its users, with many page admins accidentally stumbling upon the new addition as opposed to being informed about it.

However, those who paid close attention to the world’s largest social media network were able to take advantage of Cover Videos, much to the amazement of the average Facebook user. One of the first brands to do this was Netflix, who created simple yet effective videos for two of their shows: Narcos & Glow. Over time though, it wasn’t just the big names who got creative with their pages: smaller brands got creative too.

Here’s Digital Pie’s top three Facebook Cover Videos:

#3 – PalisadeSECURE

Simple yet elegant, the industry-leading cyber security company known as PalisadeSECURE used Facebook Cover Video to relay one very basic but very important fact: “Good security increases shareholder value.” This straight forward, no-nonsense message is immediately followed up with the company’s contact details, reinforced by the creepy noises of a hacker typing away at his keyboard. The raw efficiency of this cover video perfectly symbolises both the importance of good cyber security and the dangerous territory the business operates within.

#2 – MotorAid German Car Service Centre

When it comes to the vehicle servicing industry, it’s very hard to make anything under-the-hood seem glamourous. That’s why MotorAid’s cover video is such a great break from convention – in an age where vehicle service providers struggle to keep up with the latest trends, MotorAid has proved through its use of cover video that the business is serious about building its social media presence. Containing a fast-moving montage of many different aspects of the business, it allows page visitors a brief glimpse into what goes on around the workplace.

#1 – Tunnel Shark Productions

We’re yet to see a cover video that catches the eye as quickly as this one. Tunnel Shark Productions smartly realised that Facebook had handed them a way to get a highlight reel in front of their customers eyes as soon as they landed on their business page. Featuring action-packed shots ranging from sports events to corporate interviews, you quickly learn how diverse and varied their team of talent is. Reinforced by a slick backing track, the video expertly blends professionalism with creativity.

Want a Facebook Cover Video of your own? While companies such as FB Cover Videos have been designing them for a while, Digital Pie has recently expanded its services to include this type of video as well.

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