Has your business taken advantage of this new Facebook feature?

Has your business taken advantage of this new Facebook feature?

Right now, every single Facebook Business page is eligible for a very useful new feature: Facebook Cover Video. Back at the beginning of this year, Facebook started teasing the new feature on big-name pages such as Narcos & Glow. Pushing the feature out in small increments across America, Facebook strangely kept tight-lipped on the fact the new feature was becoming publicly available. Throughout the following months, more and more pages were given the upgrade, until the point that the changes were beginning to go global. However, throughout all of this, one thing had remained the same – Facebook was eerily quiet about it.

At the time of writing, every business page created on Facebook now has the cover video feature available – but a large majority of brands aren’t taking advantage of this. Here’s some reasons that Digital Pie think every company should have a Facebook Cover Video:

Retain Audience Attention

If a potential customer clicks onto your Facebook page, you want them to stay there for a while to see what you post and what you’re offering. If the first thing they are presented with is an eye-catching cover video, they’re much more likely to sit and watch what is shown on screen; a chance for you to increase their interest in your business and/or product. Coupled with well-designed content and a clean, optimised page layout, a cover video is a great tool for preventing users from quickly clicking off of your brand’s page.

More Information, Less Time

In this day and age, it’s important that everything your company shares on social media is short and straight to the point. Your average Facebook user doesn’t want to sit and read a 500-word status about who you are, what your company can provide for them, and how much better you are than your competitors. You can be the most cost-efficient and talented business in the world, but if people want to know a detailed story about your brand, they’d take the time to visit your website. However, stick a 20-second engaging video in front of a potential customer, and they’re more likely to absorb any information you throw their way.

Staying Trendy

While this may seem the least important at a glance, staying relevant and up-to-date with the changes going on across various social media networks can do wonders for how the public perceive your company. Leave your pages unattended for too long and it’ll quickly become apparent that your business can’t keep up with its competitors. While a cover video may seem like a small improvement, it does wonders for making your brand look modern, relevant & professional in the current age of Facebook marketing. Every small upgrade you make to your social media presence helps you get one rung up the ladder from your rival. Why risk losing business?

While everyone has the capacity to be creative, not everybody has the time or talent to produce a professional looking Facebook Cover Video themselves. While custom agencies such as FB Cover Videos have been providing these services to people for a while now, Digital Pie has recently expanded its skillset to include Facebook Cover Video creation. Take a look around our website to find out more, or have a chat with us over the phone: 0845 557 1186.

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