A Day In The Life of Osborne & Sons (Behind The Scenes)

A Day In The Life of Osborne & Sons (Behind The Scenes)

About the Client:

Osborne & Sons is a local, family run business and have been in the cockle and fishing trade since 1880! Located in the historic seaside town of Leigh-On-Sea, the company provides fresh cockles daily and have a range of their own cockle and fishing boats.

What Did the Client Ask For?

Osborne & Sons wanted to create a promotional video to raise awareness of the fishmonger side of the business and to advertise the products within their cockle sheds. They wanted to distribute the video across social media platforms and to feature on the home-page of their existing website. Focusing primarily on the staff and produce, Osborne & Sons also wanted to touch on the heritage side of the business and to share some of the history of the company.

How Did We Deliver?

At Digital Pie, we understood how important it was to uphold the company’s long-standing reputation within the video. We began by having a pre-production chat to gain an understanding of the company and to discuss the key points the client wanted to express in the video. Our in-house video producer then followed up with the concept of having ‘A Day In The Life of’ video, in which we would focus on interviews with the staff and their day-to-day processes within the company.

Starting at the crack of dawn in late December, we headed down to the cockle sheds to gather footage of the staff preparing the fish counter, the full cockle process and staff interviews. We knew how important it was for the video to resonate with a local audience, establishing shots such as the seaside in Old Leigh and the outside of the cockle sheds were a good way to capture the ‘homely’ feel within the video.

The distribution of the video is a key player within the decision-making process when we come to edit our videos. As the video was to be used on the website as well as social media, we felt subtitles were important to include as we appreciate not all audiences on social media watch videos with the sound on. Having consistent branding such as logos, fonts and colours were also considered when we created the call to actions and logo intro.

  • Shopfront of Osbornes & Sons
  • Shooting video at Osbornes & Sons
  • Recording interviews in Essex
  • Leigh on Sea Video Shoot

Behind The Scenes with our Video Crew:

Capturing behind the scenes of our work is a great way to showcase how we do things here and provides great content for us to share with YOU! We were lucky enough to have Charlie, our work experience student, to join us on one of the shoots. Armed with a GoPro and a stills camera, Charlie followed us throughout the filming process. See his finished edit below!

  • Work Experience student Charlie on the shoot

The Reaction:

The finished video received over 4 thousand views and a thread comments on Facebook:

‘Fantastic video, great content, filming & editing. Going to share on several sites’

‘Super Video chaps! Very impressive’

‘Love it! The Osborne PR has been working over time!’

But don’t just take their word for it, see the finished product below!

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