Ever wonder if your business is truly making the most of its online potential? In the age of the internet, businesses can’t afford to rely on the old ways – the tried and tested marketing methods of yesteryear. Local news ads and word-of-mouth are no match for a mobile-optimised website and a strong social media presence. Today, businesses need to adapt, and even innovate, to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are 10 simple reasons it’s time to bite the bullet and give your business the digital makeover it deserves, and why it could give your business a new lease of life.


Something you see with many business owners is that they grew up in a different time, when print advertising reigned supreme. When they hear advertising they immediately think of the glossy magazines in waiting rooms and dentist’s offices.

Despite the potent nostalgia that good old print advertising brings, the digital sphere is superior in almost every way. Substituting your print budget for investment in the next nine steps will yield incredible results.


Branding is important. Being able to change things you don’t like is impossible with conventional marketing – once it’s printed, it’s printed. With websites, social media posts and Google ads however, you can make last minute changes and rebrand on the fly.

Don’t like something? Change it. Still don’t like it? Change it again.


Conventional marketing (print, signage and word of mouth) is difficult to track in terms of success. Who knows whether one leaflet worked better than the next, or whether one business card was more of a hit with potential clients than another?

This is where digital marketing comes into its own.


Before the internet it was impossible to keep track of what customers were thinking and saying about your business (unless you were large enough to get a write up in a national newspaper). Now you can control the conversation, responding to negative reviews, taking negative feedback into account and sharing positive reviews. The better your service, the better the reviews (it’s simple really) and if you can find innovative ways to incentivize your customers to leave you feedback online, you will essentially be benefitting from free marketing.


Social media is an easy way to reach millions of potential customers. The trick is making your content engaging and organic – posting a link to your website every day won’t help you drive traffic or engagement, but creating unique and witty content related to your brand and business will not only grow your following, but also your engagement.

What makes your business unique? What do you offer that others don’t? What do you provide? Think about these questions when designing a content strategy for promoting your business on social media. Photos, videos, GIFS – the world is your oyster!

  1. EMAIL

Data capture is an important part of digital marketing. Your website is attracting visitors all the time, but many of them will leave without interacting at all. You need to provide as many opportunities as possible for them to engage in some way. Email signup lists are an excellent way to gather customer data and grow your reach.

One way to incentivize visitors to sign up is to hold out the promise of an offer, exclusive to email subscribers. Once you build a good subscriber network it’s time to start contacting them with your best sales copy, news and deals. Remember, they can unsubscribe at any time, so make sure not to spam them too much, only send the best quality content that’s sure to keep them coming back.

  1. SEO

Google is very clever. Its constantly scouring the web, gathering site data and ranking them according to certain metrics, serving those links up according to customer’s search queries. The first role of Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is ‘content is king‘ –  the more content you have on your site, containing the keywords relevant to what your customers are searching for, the more relevant Google will believe your site to be, and the higher it will show in the search results.

There are various other tips and tricks to SEO, and whole books have been written about how to optimise your website for search engines, but suffice it to say that if you want your website to rank well you need to be thinking and learning about the latest SEO techniques and resources, constantly fine tuning your site and adding content to ensure it outranks your competitors.

  1. PPC

SEO is hard. Paying to rank on the first page is easier, but expensive. Google Adwords allows you to create ads and extensions and then pay to have them displayed when people search for certain key terms. The best part is you only pay per click, so if people see your ad but don’t click, you aren’t charged a thing!

If you’ve got a reasonable advertising budget Google can be the ultimate marketing tool. Millions of people are searching for your service or your product every day using generic search terms that you and your competitors are all jostling to rank higher for. PPC (Pay-Per-Click Marketing) allows you to jump the queue as it were, and drive traffic to specific web pages.

  1. VIDEO

Digital marketing is relatively new, but more and more huge brands are making the so called ‘pivot to video’. More and more businesses are realising that people’s attention is finite, and rather than reading 1000-word blogs (like you are now), many people would rather watch a short and engaging video. A promotional video showing you and your services or products can leave a lasting impression, and go a long way to building and solidifying your brand.

Recently Facebook updated their cover photos to have video capabilities, just another unique way to engage your Facebook followers that could spell the difference between you and the competition.


Websites are essentially files hosted on servers, served up by browsers. The server can be a major bottleneck in how users experience your site – if the server has a long response time, potential customers can be left waiting for what feels like an eternity just for a page to load. Most of them will simply click away and look elsewhere.

Fast and reliable hosting is arguably the cornerstone of a strong digital presence. Make sure your server is up to scratch and able to cope with the demand put on it.

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